Tired all the time ?

Molecular structure
Molecular structure

There are many reasons  why we get tired, but a big difference between feeling tired after a long days work and feeling constantly tired.  The issue I am addressing here is for people who asked ‘why do I feel so tired all the time’, or ‘why am I constantly tired?’  Tiredness is the natural result of hard work, but waking up tired and dragging yourself around all day with no energy is a completely different story.  The first question we have to ask is how do we measure this. Some people seem to have an abundance of energy, and others don’t.  As we will see in this article there are a number of factors that cause this to happen, and many of them are under your control.  The really good news is that small adjustments can make massive differences.

Why am I so tired all the time?

Where has my energy gone ?

To answer this question you need to understand that the human body is an extraordinary creation.  You’re made up of over 70 trillion living cells which are multiplying and reproducing themselves at any enormous rate.  You make over 2 million new cells every second.   This means that the potential you have to change things and heal yourself is truly remarkable. One of the main reasons for tiredness is the presence of toxins in your body.  Toxins come in many forms and from many places and they have the capacity to switch off energy systems which makes you feel like you’re always tired and have no energy. So actually the solution, in the vast number of cases, is simple:  Identify the toxins and get rid of them.

Self-help is at hand

  • By divine design you have built into your body a diagnostic tool that can do just this. 
  • It’s easy to use and was discovered in the 60s by Dr George Goodhart. 
  • The process involves figuring out where the toxins are coming from and it introduces you to the reality that thoughts and feelings also have big impact on our physical body. 
  • You can have toxic thoughts and feelings which you can actually produce physical toxins in your physical body.  You can learn how to figure all this out through muscle monitoring. 
  • Just click the links and watch the videos.

So tired

I really can appreciate what it is like for people when they say they’re so tired.  I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt !!  And I don’t want another one thank you.  As a result of working with natural medicine and effectively detoxing my body I am now vibrantly healthy and have all the energy I need. The journey I took, you can take also, except it’s much easier now as you can learn form my mistakes !

Having said all this, I still avoid dairy products.

But here’s the thing the toxins that cause low energy can come from many places, especially viruses.  If you had a bad Flu or a cold and never really got over it, this can easily be a source of ongoing low energy.  Thankfully there are ways of resolving this in the world natural medicine.  Equally if you’ve had a lot of emotional trauma, this can cause major stress to your adrenal glands and also cause a general fatigue.  Again help is at hand in the world of natural medicine.

Nigel Griffith kinesiologist

Nigel Griffith has a BSc degree from UCD Dublin and is a lecturer, and teacher and has been a practitioner of natural therapies for nearly 40 years working as a kinesiologist. As well as having a busy practice, Nigel has written many training programmes and teaches people from beginners right through to professional kinesiology practice. Nigel’s kinesiology training includes qualification with PKP (Dr.Bruce Dewe), AP (Ric Utt), TFH (Dr.John Thie) LEAP, (Dr.Charles. Krebs) NEK, (Hugo Tobar), BK (Wayne Topping)

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