Learning Kinesiology: How to confidently learn to monitor a muscle


Imagine if you were able to figure out whether or not a food is good or bad for you   before you even eat it in the comfort of your own home and at no cost.

Well now you can. You see every individual, by divine design, has the capacity, built into them to do this, just like a car has the capacity for a mechanic to plug in to a diagnostic computer.  Effectively you can do your own food allergy testing  (ie. do your own food intolerance test) and figure out what is a balanced diet (a healthy diet) for you at home using the kinesiology that you learn in this course.  You can effectively learn to balance your nutrition.

And you can learn all this in just a one day course which I am offering, the details of which are available on this website. 

Just click the link below to see more video and get more information about the full day course