The Importance  of farming

Modern types of farming is killing us everyday, and we don’t even know it is happening.

It has been a slow process that is gathering momentum. We can see this in the dramatic rise of death from cancer often caused by the increased toxicity in the environment. 

Of course it’s not all down to agriculture, but at the end of the day the food we eat has a big impact on our bodies and if it contains harmful substances, these are going to have a negative effect on our health.  The challenge has been and that the changes have been slow, subtle and cumulative.

Food is balanced in nature

If you take food as it was originally created, such as whole grain of wheat, you will see that it contains a balance of protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential nutritional factors.

To some extent, the amount of these components depend on the land in which the wheat is grown, because clearly if the land is deficient in a particular mineral the crop will be deficient as well.

There are certain parts of the country where the soil type creates certain deficiencies, but for the most part the soil in its natural state, when used with a crop rotation, is very balanced.

The benefits of organic farming

The way farming used to be, you had to rotate your crops in order for them to grow. Many farmers would start with a crop of wheat which they would plant after they had plowed grassland. The grassland could have been in grass for five or six years. Wheat is quite hard on the land so they would follow the wheat with a crop of peas, sugar beet, potatoes, or some other root crop. The next year the land would be returned to a cereal, perhaps barley, and then maybe finished off with oats or another root crop in the 4th year, before being returned to grass. This is known as the ‘Norfolk’ rotation.

Today we would call this organic farming, but in years gone by this was the only way and everyone could experience the benefits of organic food.

During this process farmyard manure would be applied to the land, recycling the dung from the cattle that grazed the grass and keeping the whole balance in the soil. The grassland itself was sown with clover which is a nitrogen-fixing species that brings fertility into the land. This was the way our food was grown 80 years ago. If you didn’t practice a good crop rotation, your crops died. As a result, food was highly nutritious and was able to sustain and support vibrant health.

The Modern Way

Now let’s wind forward to the 21st century.

Our crops are now grown in the same field year after year after year and fertilized with artificial fertilizer. These fertilizers do not contain a balance of nutrients but only 3 major nutrients that force crops to grow.

Over time, the limited resources of minerals and trace elements in the soil become depleted and the crops get sick. Obviously minerals and trace elements cannot be in the plants if they’re not in soil and if they are not in the plants, they’re not going to be in the food that the plants produce, and even though the food may look very tasty and indeed even taste fine, its nutritional quality can be very poor.

Organic Vegetables

Your body needs a very wide range of minerals, trace elements and essential nutrients in order to function optimally.  If some of these essential nutrients are not present, the cells simply cannot complete the task, and ill-health results.

Herein lies one of the key understandings in how you can take responsibility over your own health, and this provides the key to making major and significant adjustments to your health by adjusting what you eat.

You can experience the benefits of organic food and the benefits of organic farming and crop rotation by just being aware and making wiser choices.

So How Do you Know?

How do you know if a food is good for you?

Even organic food can cause a reaction in you if you have food sensitivities. In the world of conventional science there is no answer to this question.  The best they can say is, use trial and error, but most medical people aren’t even aware of the presence of food sensitivities.

Fortunately for us there is a way of finding out very accurately very quickly and at no expense exactly what Your body likes and doesn’t like.  This wonderful tool is called Kinesiology and you can learn how to do this through muscle testing in a single days training.

Click this link for lots of free videos and explanations on how the system works and find out how you can empower yourself to make wiser choices in just a few minutes.  The training takes just a few hours but the benefits last for lifetime.

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The science of testing and balancing muscles to restore balance to the human body is commonly known as Kinesiology or the study of muscles and muscle movement. It is very helpful in helping you to overcome stress and anxiety and is easy to learn.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Here is a simple natural solution!

Treating Anxiety And Stress Without Medication If you suffer from anxiety and stress there is much that you can do without resorting to medication.

For instance, there are many supplements for anxiety. Anti-anxiety supplements do exist and they do work, and I can easily supply you with a list of the best supplements for anxiety and even a list of vitamins that help with anxiety, but the big question is:

How are you going to know which is the right one for you as there are so many of them?

The answer is much closer than you think

We are all so uniquely different that something that might help me, might be no good for you and it might even harm you. The good news is, that by divine design, you have built into your body, just like every other person walking this planet, an amazing system that can identify what you need in just seconds.

The key to doing this is a profoundly simple process which not many people understand called muscle testing or Kinesiology. 

I have dedicated my life to teaching people how this remarkably simple system works and how it can empower you to find solutions to health challenges.

No more guessing

Before you get out your list of anti-anxiety supplements or the best supplements for anxiety and your list of vitamins that help with anxiety, and even the best herbs for anxiety, why not spend a few minutes learning how to figure out which one if these you actually need. 

Start now by clicking on this link and have a look at a few free videos to see what is involved.  All you need is to commit a little of your time to learn a process which you then have for the rest of your life.

It’s all about your healing program

You see we know that anti-anxiety supplements work, but we also know that they work better as part of a healing program which includes stress release techniques that are easy to learn and cost you nothing.  Combining the best supplements for anxiety with a holistic program which you can easily design for yourself is a winning strategy.

Try this FREE stress release technique called EFT It is simple and can change your stress levels rapidly. 

You are more than you eat

I appreciate that you may have come to this website looking for help with supplements for anxiety, but they are very numerous as a visit to your local health store will reaffirm.  What you really need is a system that will identify the underlying cause of your problem, and that is where Kinesiology or muscle testing comes in. 

After all, when you think about it, anxiety is largely a state of mind. Consequently, we need to deal with this issue at a more subtle level, that is the level of the mind and emotions.  That is where EFT comes in.

Muscle testing and Kinesiology gives you the whole package so you can find out what food supplements are best for you and also defuse the stress on a causal level.

See for more details.

The science of testing and balancing muscles to restore balance to the human body is commonly known as Kinesiology or the study of muscles and muscle movement. 

Proponents of Kinesiology and Touch for Health

Kinesiology muscle testing started as a science dealing with the physical strength of muscles and their relationships to bones, nerves and other muscles. 

Dr. George Goodheart

In the 1960s Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor by profession made a remarkable discovery that muscles could actually respond to stresses going on in your mind and this led to the development of  many new branches of Kinesiology. Any discoveries that he made he taught to chiropractors and developed a system known as Applied Kinesiology (AK).


Dr. John Thie

One of the chiropractors who learned this system was Dr. John Thie, a visionary who saw the potential of what Dr. Goodheart had discovered in helping millions of people, and as a result he developed Touch for Health which he taught around the world. This introduced the amazing Science of Kinesiology to more people – thus, new discoveries were made.


How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology muscle testing does not test the strength of the muscle, but rather whether the muscle will lock or unlock. It technically works like a “Yes or No” system.

You ask a question, and the body gives you a locked indicator for a ‘yes’ and and an unlocked indicator for a ‘no.’ 

Kinesiology training is now available around the world from many of the different strands of Kinesiology that have been developed since the 60’s. The vast majority of them work very well, but obviously some work better than others and are easier to learn.

Kinesiology Therapy

Contrary to common belief and understanding, Kinesiology therapy is an information gathering system and not a therapy. Instead, it leads you to the therapy that you need to use.  

The concept may be confusing to some, has made available videos that will give a clearer overview of Kinesiology.

Good thing about this is, Kinesiology is very simple, effective and easy to learn. You do not need to have a Bachelor’s Degree to learn it.

Kinesiology Courses Online

You will find many Kinesiology courses online at We cater to beginners up to experienced practitioners who seek to become more proficient and learn new skills. 

I have been a practitioner of Kinesiology for nearly 40 years and have trained in many aspects of this fascinating science. My passion is to impart this knowledge to you.

The Ultimate Holistic Medicine

Kinesiology is the ultimate form of holistic medicine because it provides you with information that allows you to provide your body with exactly what it needs. Some people call this health kinesiology some call it Kinesiology alone, but whatever you want to call it, you can obtain kinesiology training by taking kinesiology courses online.

Our new website has been designed specifically to teach you what you need to know. 

A Life Changing Experience 

Kinesiology muscle testing is a profoundly simple and simply profound process that will forever change the way you see and understand the human body. You will get a lot of information on kinesiology therapy, learning kinesiology and kinesiology courses online on our website.

Much of the information is free with instructional videos to help you understand Kinesiology better.