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Video Demonstration of Allergy Testing


Today we have kinesiology (also call NHD by us) which I have developed over many years. It makes it so so easy for you to find answers to health challenges that’ll make a big difference….So how can this possibly work?  Well there are many triggers that cause health challenges and food sensitivities and food allergies along with emotional stress are among the major ones.

So here is the range of foods and I guarantee you that the average person will be sensitive to at least one of the foods on this table.  The big question is which one? And that is the question that is answered by kinesiology.  In this video Amy is holding a container of cheese against her stomach and when her arm is pressed down it does not hold indicating the cheese is not good for Amy.  The next container contains ham.  Notice that’s when this is held against her stomach and her arm is pressed down it does hold indicating that ham is not a problem for Amy.

This is how you can tell the difference. When the arm is locked the food is good for you.  When the arm does not stay locked the food is not good for you.

In this video I have asked Amy to think of something that stresses her.  Notice when she thinks of this, her arm goes down. However when I ask her to think of something that she enjoys and check her arm it stays locked or strong.  What you have seen is quite amazing. You have actually seen a response in Amy’s arm depending on what she is thinking about in her mind.

The bottom line is that most people want to do something to improve their health but they don’t know where to start.  Kinesiology (NHD) is a super place to start as you can now find out what your body wants to do in order to bring you on your journey back to health.