Nigel Griffith kinesiologist

Started in 1979, by the year 2000, Nigel and Carol had  built a highly successful business with 12 high profile retail stores, a packaging and manufacturing plant and a mail order business, and were employing over 130 people.

Nigel has been a kinesiologist for nearly 40 years and has thousands of hours of formal kinesiology training and has been fortunate to work first hand with the founders of many kinesiology disciplines.

MODALITIES Nigel uses Homoeopathy, Flower essences, Sound therapy, Counselling, Nutritional therapy, Food sensitivity testing, Emotional stress release, and many other techniques in this practice to help people back to health

History of Kinesiology.

Let us never forget that the objective of everything that we all do with kinesiology is to help people to get well and stay well.  We are all on a unique journey and kinesiology is a wonderful vehicle to help us get on track and stay on track. Kinesiology can help to accelerate us in the original direction provided by designer.