The Food and Nutrition (Evening Course)

The human body is an awesome creation with over 70 trillion living cells all working together in harmony. Clearly this doesn't happen by chance. There is a huge supercomputer running the show sitting on top of your shoulders.  In this course will look at some amazing facts about the human body.

In addition, we will look at food production and how it has changed over the years to create food that is less than balanced and which causes serious challenges for our health.

We will look at what happens to food when you eat it and how stress directly affects your digestive system.  Another important issue is how to detoxify your body.  Once you understand the process you will see that this is not difficult and very often it involves just making better choices. 

At the end of the day, a lot of the success of healing programs comes down to understanding these simple principles.

Finally, we will look at the question of food supplementation. Do you need supplements in order to maintain vibrant health, and if so which ones might you need? I will demonstrate a powerful simple technique that you can learn to figure this out in a matter of seconds.

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Introduction Food and Nutrition

Food: Do you know what you are eating?

Your food has a very big impact on your body, either positive or negative. But do you know which foods are harming you and which foods will heal you?

Come and get real and practical answers to these important topics.
• Foods that harm and foods that heal
• Do I need food supplements or are they a waste of money?
• What's the story with food allergies and food sensitivities
• Why am I always tired and struggling to keep going?

Practical demonstration

• You will see how you can personally check if any food or any supplement
is good or bad for you in seconds without any specialist equipment.

Nigel Griffith has been a practitioner of natural medicine for nearly 40 years. During that time he has built up a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions for dealing with many common ailments. He was the founder of The Nature’s Way health food chain in the ’80s and runs a busy practice as a kinesiologist in Kilkenny.

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  • LocationsAlta Vista, Sheastown, Kilkenny. R95XT26
    • DurationHalf Day
  • Time07 pm - 10 pm
  • prices50.00
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Do you know what a healthy balanced diet looks like?
Did you know that it is different for each of us?
Come and find out what is really going on with our food.