The Restoring Vibrant Health Course

When you take the restoring vibrant health nutrition and kinesiology course, you will discover the seven Keys to better health. The great thing about these keys is that apart from being common sense they are not expensive to implement, and can even save you money.

During the course, we will be looking at issues that are causing weaknesses in your body and helping you to understand what a healthy diet looks. You will be able to create your own balanced diet

We will be looking at harmful foods and more importantly, I will be showing you a powerful and simple technique that will allow you to identify foods that heal and foods that harm in second. Food allergy testing and food intolerance tests are easy to do when you understand kinesiology.  And they are FREE.

As we go through the course you'll be able to rectify nutritional deficiencies in your diet by either changing what you eat or choosing appropriate supplements and we will also be looking at stress and ways of resolving it.  You'll come to understand why stress has a massive impact on your health.

By the end the course you will have built your own personal healing program based on the seven keys to better health and you should be able to implement this easily when you go home, creating a healthy lifestyle

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to help you to restore vibrant health to your life.

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The Restoring Vibrant Health Course

There are seven keys to restoring vibrant health in your life. You will learn these in this course and you will learn how to implement them in a meaningful way.  Come and get real and practical answers to these important topics.
• Foods that are harming and foods that healing you
• Do YOU need a particular food supplement?
• Learning how to handle stress in a proactive way
• What lifestyle changes would make a big difference to me?

Each attendee will receive

• A personalized food sensitivity test
• Insight into nutritional deficiency via supplement testing
• A personalized health program

Nigel Griffith has been a practitioner of natural medicine for nearly 40 years. During that time he has built up a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions for dealing with many common ailments. He was the founder of The Nature’s Way health food the chain in the ’80s and runs a busy practice as a kinesiologist in Kilkenny.

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  • LocationsAlta Vista, Sheastown, Co. Kilkenny
    • Duration1 day
  • Time10 am - 05 pm
  • prices125.00
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Did you know that being vibrantly healthy is your birthright ? Applying natural principles can bring huge benefits and usually a very small cost. Plug into this untapped resource today.