Learning Kinesiology: How to monitor a muscle

Hello, my name is Nigel Griffith and I have been a practitioner of natural medicine for over 37 years now.

Over the years I have witnessed the human body healing itself in remarkable ways often due to the fact that simple natural principles are being applied which releases the body to do what it was always intended to do; namely to heal itself.

Unfortunately, these natural principles have been lost as conventional medicine tends to focus on symptoms rather than the cause.

I will also teach you about foods that harm and foods that heal and show you how you can check food before you even eat it to find the result.  This is done through kinesiology also known as muscle testing and you need no prior knowledge to take this course just an interest in things natural and a desire to get well. 
There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Click 'demo video' above to see a demonstration on how this works


Learning Kinesiology: Muscles and Emotions...What you will learn

• We will look at how the body works, not just physically but also energetically.
• We will look at how muscles work and how they can provide us with
valuable information about our health.
• We will learn how to identify foods that harm and foods that heal us in seconds.
• You will learn some powerful and simple ways of diffusing emotional stress.

What you be able to do when the course is completed

• Will be able to accurately monitor a muscle.
• You will be able to check for food sensitivities in seconds without specialized equipment.
• You will be able to identify food supplements that are beneficial for you and your family.
• You will be able to defuse emotional stress simply and powerfully.

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  • LocationsAlta Vista, Sheastown, Co. Kilkenny
    • Duration1 day
  • Time10 am - 05 pm
  • prices125.00
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When you have completed this course you will be able to accurately test yourself and your family for food intolerances before you eat food at no cost. (Video demo in the site)