The Food and Nutrition Course

Hello. My name is Nigel Griffith. And today I’m going to give you an outline on the one-day series, it’s a workshop series, called get well and stay well food and nutrition.

It is truly remarkable what the human body can do in terms of healing itself if you only give it a chance. In this course, you will look at some of the basics as to how the human body works so that you can understand that it is perfectly natural to be able to be vibrantly well. This is your divine design built into the human body. However there are reasons why this doesn’t happen, and one of them relates to health and nutrition and of course a healthy lifestyle.

We will look at food production, what has happened to it over the last 50 years and how this affects our being able to create a balanced diet and a healthy diet. When considering nutrition courses it’s essential to get these basics right. We will also look at what happens to food when we eat it and we will look at the effects of stress on the digestive system.

We will look at the very important issue of the eliminating toxins from the body and we will consider food supplements. Do I need food supplements? Can they actually empower my body to heal? Finally, I will provide each participant with your own personal healing program which includes looking at food allergy testing, food allergies themselves (food intolerance testing).

There are no prerequisites for this course. Anybody can take it and learn how to take care of your own health in a simple and powerful way.



The Food and Nutrition Course

Food: Do you know what you are eating?

Your food has a very big impact on your body, either positive or negative. But do you know which foods are harming you and which foods heal?

Come and get real and practical answers to these important topics

• Foods that harm and foods that heal
• Do I need food supplements or are they a waste of money?
• What's the story with food allergies and food sensitivities
• Why am I always tired and struggling to keep going?

Each attendee will receive

• A personalized food sensitivity test
• A personalized nutritional deficiency analysis
• A personalized health program

Nigel Griffith has been a practitioner of natural medicine for nearly 40 years. Duringthat time he has built up a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions for dealing with many common ailments. He was the founder of the Nature’s Way health food chain in the ’80s and runs a busy practice as a kinesiologist in Kilkenny.

One day course with Nigel Griffith Spaces is limited. (Maximum number is 12)
Cost is €95.00 for the full day with Special discount code NHS1 (€45 off)
Go to to book your place on the ‘Food and Nutrition course’ today for only €50.00

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  • LocationsAlta Vista, Sheastown, Co. Kilkenny
    • Duration1 day
  • Time10 am - 05 pm
  • prices95.00
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You will receive your own personal health program and a food allergy test as part of this training day, as well as a check to see if you need a dietary supplement.  Book today.

The Food And Nutrition Course Overview

  • 1. How the body works
  • 2. Food production
  • 3. What happens to food when we eat it
  • 4. The effects of stress on the gut
  • 5. Organs of elimination
  • 6. Your personalaised food sensitivity test