The Refresher Course

Many people however who have taken Touch For Health, struggle with implementing it.  This one-day refresher will have you monitoring and using all the 14 Touch For Health muscles with ease and confidence. 

During this course, we will review the neurolymphatic points and the neurovascular points and make sure that you are comfortable with the 14 alarm points.  We will also review the acupuncture meridians helping you to remember at least where they start and where they end.  I have made videos of all this information which will be available for you to review at your leisure at home.

At the end of the day, it's all about practice and confidence.  You will get plenty of practice on this course.  Please note: This course is only suitable for people who have already taken Touch For Health.  If you want to learn this material from scratch then my 'Certificate Course' is the course for you.

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One day Refresher for Touch For Health:

Supercharge your TFH protocol and learn how to dig deeper into the underlying cause of any problem and enable powerful and rapid change. Many years ago the concept of how the human body functions as a hologram was revealed to Richard Utt. Over time Richard developed this concept into a powerful body of work that radically enhances the TFH model and provides you with essential information in seconds that will greatly enhance your results.

In 1991 Nigel Griffith studied with Richard in Tucson for 4 intensive months and has been using this material, in his practice ever since. Nigel is a qualified AP instructor.

Are you comfortable and confident in these skills?

• How to check that a muscle is balanced before you use it.
• How to monitor a muscle comfortably. (Get a lock and unlock)
• The range of motion of each muscle.
• Neuro-lymphatic points and Neuro-vascular points
• Alarm points and acupuncture meridian locations.
• The 14 TFH muscles plus sartorius and middle trapezius.

If you are confidently monitoring muscles every day, then you probably don’t
need this course, but if you are a bit rusty or unsure about exactly where the
muscles are and how to monitor them then this course will assist you greatly

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  • LocationsAlta vista, Sheastown, Kilkenny. R95XT26
    • Duration1 day
  • Time10 am - 05 pm
  • prices125.00
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Refresh your your knowledge on the 14 muscles of the Touch For Health system. Also update your alarm points, acupuncture meridians, etc. Practice is the key.