The Applied Physiology Hologram Course

Hello, my name is Nigel Griffith.   Back in the 1980’s Richard Utt discovered that the human body is designed as a hologram.  This remarkable discovery led to the development of a form of kinesiology known as Applied Physiology or AP, a powerful and insightful way to interact with the subtle anatomy of man.

If you have done Touch For Health, or you use any muscle work in your practice, then the AP hologram course will deeply impact the way you interact with the human body and the results that you get.

With AP you have a rifle rather than a shotgun approach. You can be incredibly specific and drill down to deep underlying causes of issues in minutes and then provide a fix which will target that specific imbalance with great precision.  Your results will dramatically improve and the efficiency of your practice will be increased enormously.

I am offering a two-day course.  In order to learn this material easily, you would need to be reasonably comfortable with monitoring muscles. (The 14 muscles of the TFH system).  If you are in doubt or would like a brush-up, then you can book the one-day ‘Refresher Course’ online which specifically deals with muscles. Applied Physiology is very structured, and it is easy to learn.  There is also a link on this page to a video:  ‘How AP hologram works’ which will give you further insight.

You can book this training course on this page. The booking fee includes an extensive manual which costs €45.00. 

Note: The course runs on 2 consecutive Saturdays



Introducing the Hologram from Applied Physiology (AP)

How to super charge TFH and use other knowledge that you have to greater
effect. Many years ago the concept of how the human body functions as a
hologram was revealed to Richard Utt. Over time Richard developed this
concept into a powerful body of work that is beautifully presented and easy to learn.

In 1991 Nigel Griffith studied with Richard in Tucson for 4 intensive months and has been using this material in his practice ever since. Nigel is a qualified AP instructor.

What you will learn:

• How the divine design of the human body is holographic in nature.
• How to apply the holographic concept to a muscle.
• How to integrate your existing skills so as to improve your results.
• How to become really comfortable working with the bio-field in all its wonder and

By the end of this module you will be able to:

• Determine which energy systems are out of balance when you focus on a
specific issue.
• Determine the relationship between any issue and all 14 meridians. Monitor a
muscle accurately in 14 positions and Identify new ways of bringing the body
back into balance quickly and easily using skills that you already possess.


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    • Duration2 day
  • Time10 am - 05 pm
  • prices295.00
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And amazing course that allows you to pinpoint with greater accuracy the underlying causes of many issues. Beautifully colour-coded this course is easy to learn. Click for more details