The Certificate Course: Muscles and the 14 meridians

This course runs over three weekends for a total of six days and during this time you will learn about the subtle anatomy of man.  You will learn that there are 14 meridians or energy pathways in the human body that govern everything to do with your health.

You will learn that there is a link between these and the physical body via the muscles. Every muscle in your body is connected to one or more of these systems.  You will learn how to monitor a specific muscle for each of the 14 systems and understand where the meridians start, run, and end.

You will be able to diffuse stress and make meaningful differences in people’s lives in minutes by applying the simple techniques that you will learn.  You will be able to identify emotions that are connected to health issues and you will be able to diffuse these emotions easily and effectively.

This course is taught in a workshop environment which means that there is plenty of hands-on practice so that you can actually use the material that you learn.  You need no prior knowledge to take this course. Just an interest in things natural and a desire to learn more.

I teach in a relaxing environment in which it is easy to learn and this course is a foundational course for folks wishing to become practitioners.



Foundational Training in Kinesiology for beginners.

The Certificate course: Muscles and the 14 Meridians

Learn how to find out what is really behind health challenges in the
comfort of your own home using the powerful yet simple technique of
muscle monitoring. Anyone can learn this. No prior knowledge is
needed. It is very empowering.

You will learn

• You will learn about the subtle and anatomy of man.
• You will learn how to monitor 16 different muscles and how each major energy system in our body is connected to these muscles.
• You will learn simple techniques, which you can apply immediately, for diffusing stress at a physical, energetic and emotional level.
• You will learn about the way energy flows in the human body through the acupuncture meridians and how to clear blocks in this energy.

What you will be able to do on completion of the course

• You will be able to help people with health challenges in simple safe and
effective ways and be able to identify food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies.
• You will be equipped with foundational knowledge that will allow you to
take more advanced courses with ease and comfort.

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  • LocationsAlta Vista, Sheastown, Kilkenny
    • Duration6 day
  • Time10 am - 05 pm
  • prices750.00
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Learn  new skills that can help you diffuse emotional and physical pain and deal with stress in a powerful new way. You need no prior knowledge to take this course.